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As of January 2018, I weighed 291 pounds. Then, age 43, most of my adult life I had weighed over 260 pounds. I lost significant weight a few times but could never reach my goals  or keep the weight off. I lost 50 pounds on my own in 2018 but the weight loss leveled off for several months and even put a few pounds back on. I joined Sculpt24 in July 2019, and began working with a personal trainer, Derrick Sharper. Derrick showed me a wide array of workouts with the equipment and numerous machines. He gave me the push and direction I needed to get over the hump. Over the next few months, the weight dropped steadily and I increased my strength and muscle tone significantly. By February 1, 2019, I reached my goal weight of 180 pounds for a total weight loss of 111 pounds... with the last approximately 60 pounds lost with the help of Sculpt24 and Derrick. Despite reaching my goal weight, I have continued to enjoy my workouts and new healthier lifestyle that Sculpt24 helped make possible. This has been quite a journey for me and I greatly appreciate everything Sculpt 24 did for me."

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Brittany Braddock


I’m an Air Force wife and mother of 3. I found my passion for fitness 10 years ago and I now strive to help others find their passion for it as well. I am certified through NFPT which is accredited through the NCCA. I specialize in weight loss, bodybuilding, nutritional guidance and achieving overall health goals.i would love to help you reach your goals!